Epoxy Glue

2-Part Epoxy Glue for Maximum Adhesion

Epoxy glue is ideal when you need a very strong adhesive. This 2-component adhesive provides good adhesion, even for vertical gluing. Epoxy glue is highly versatile and extremely strong. It bonds to almost any material. After curing, epoxy resin glue can be sanded down, painted over or drilled. Therefore, it has a much wider range of applications than most other adhesives.

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Uses of Epoxy Glue

You can use epoxy glue on almost any material. Epoxy adhesive adheres strongly to wood, metal, plastic and cement. It is perfect for bonding different materials to one another. The 2-part epoxy glue is well suited for repairs in your home, garden as well as for hobbies and DIY projects. Other popular areas of application are boat building and industrial use.

In addition to its strong adhesion, epoxy glue can also be used as a filling material for cracks and holes, which makes it a good choice for reconstructions and renovations. Depending on the composition of the product you use, the mixing ratio, pot life and curing time may vary. Please always follow the instructions to get the desired result.

Two-Chamber Syringes for Correct Dosage

2-part epoxy glue is available in convenient double syringes with two separate chambers one for the resin component and one for hardener. To use these double-chamber syringes, you first have to break the end tip open and attach the mixing unit. Afterwards, turn the syringe upwards and press it slightly so that all air bubbles go out.

Then apply the required amount of epoxy glue to both bonding surfaces. The double-chamber syringe ensures the correct mixing ratio, which usually is 1:1. After applying the epoxy glue, press the surfaces firmly together and fixate them if necessary. When the work is all done, spring-clean the syringe.

Mix 2-Part Epoxy Glue Yourself

If you purchase 2-part epoxy resin glue that is supplied in two separate bottles, you’ll have to pour resin and hardener exactly as instructed in a mixing cup and mix them thoroughly with a stir stick. Then apply a thin layer of epoxy glue to the surfaces to be bonded and fix them with screw clamps if necessary. Immediately after use, reseal both bottles securely.

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Remove Epoxy Glue

Since epoxy glue is a permanent adhesive, it is not easy to remove. Therefore, it is best to use it only when a permanent bond is really desired. Nevertheless, there are a few tricks on how to remove epoxy resin glue. During the curing time, after application, but before the adhesive is completely cured, it can be rubbed off with a cloth soaked in acetone. Once the adhesive has cured, it can only be sanded away. Epoxy glue cannot be removed from clothing without damaging the fabric, so please wear old clothing when working with epoxy glue and also wear gloves to avoid skin contact. If you do get some glue on your skin, wash it off thoroughly with soap and water.