Epoxy Primer

2-part Epoxy Primer

Our epoxy primer creates the perfect foundation for your next project!
Priming with an epoxy resin forms the surface and provides a solid bond with the substrate. We offer a premium 2-part epoxy sealer & primer that meets the highest standards. It is solvent-free, fast curing, easy-to-use and can be applied on a variety of materials such as wood, concrete, and steel.


Our water-based epoxy SEALER & PRIMER adheres to damp substrates and is therefore suitable to prime surfaces when humidity levels are high. It can serve as the sole primer for floors, walls, furniture, and many more. It can also serve as a base for additional layers of epoxy resin. The SEALER & PRIMER  is open to diffusion and cures quickly. On smooth dense surfaces, the epoxy primer acts as a bonding agent. On absorbent surfaces it reduces the absorbency and thus prevents material-loss. Our primer provides strong adhesion to many kinds of substrates and contains tiny glass beads for slip & scratch resistancy. It is not self-levelling and is best applied with a foam roller in a thickness of 0.2 – 0.3mm.

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Advantages of Epoxy Priming

Our epoxy primer is applicable on just about any substrate, even uneven ones. The primer blends the surface and increases its durability, high-load capacity and chemical resistancy. Our SEALER & PRIMER can be applied not only as a primer but as a main coat as well. It cures in about 16-20 hours and produces a slightly rough, tread-proof, and easy to care for surface that will last a lifetime.

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Applying the SEALER & PRIMER

Applying an epoxy floor primer is as easy as painting a wall!

To begin, clean the surface to be coated and repair any cracks or holes beforehand. This step can be easily completed with a putty knife. When the surface is completely even and dust-free, mix the A- and the B-components of the 2-part SEALER & PRIMER system together by stirring them thoroughly. Afterwards, pour the mixture into a paint tray and apply a thin resin layer of 0.2-0.3mm on the surface, using a lint-free paint roller. To avoid leaving marks on the floors surface, it is recommended to wear spiked soles.

When working on a larger area, we recommend adding 30-50% water to the resin-hardener mixture to facilitate the primers application. Please note that you can only dilute our water-based epoxy primer with water. Our ECO, PRO, & PRO+ systems can not be diluted with water. Depending on the layer thickness of the coating and the relative temperature, our epoxy primer completely cures after about 16-20 hours. After curing, you can apply layers of epoxy resin until the desired depth is reached.

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epoxy primer garage painting