Epoxy Putty

Advantages of Using Epoxy Putty

Epoxy putty is the tool of choice if you want to fix holes, dents, cracks or scratches yourself. It can also be used to fill joints. It can save you a lot of time and money. All you need to reach a professional result in a few simple steps is a little craftmanship and the right products. Epoxy putty is highly versatile and adheres to almost all surfaces. Once cured, it is extremely durable and resilient.

Properties of Epoxy Filler

In contrast to other fillers, even very thin layers of epoxy putty adhere firmly and it can only be removed by sanding. Once cured, epoxy filler is tear and impact resistant. Furthermore, it is weather and UV resistant, protected against thermal and mechanical stress and has a high resistance to corrosion and osmosis as well as to chemical substances and oils.

Epoxy Putty for almost all Surfaces

Epoxy putty is a universally applicable filler that can be used on wood, GFK, aluminium, steel, plastic, concrete and steel, among others. The solvent-free 2-part putty is used, for example, in car repair, refurbishment and boat building. The main advantages of epoxy putty are its easy application and the excellent results it allows. When using it on wood, you must take into account that epoxy putty is not open to diffusion.

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Apply Epoxy Putty

When working with epoxy putty, you should wear protective equipment, such as a dust mask, gloves, safety goggles and suitable clothing. Start with cleaning, degreasing and sanding the surface you want to fill with epoxy putty. Next, mix the filler. Epoxy putty comes in handy double syringes with a compartment for each component. To use it, first remove the end tip and then apply the required amount of epoxy putty with a dispensing gun. Then mix the two components together until a homogeneous mass is obtained.

Now apply the epoxy putty to the surface using a putty knife, spatula or squeegee as smooth as possible. The smoother you apply it, the less you have to sand it after curing. Let the filler cure according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you want to apply a second layer of epoxy putty, roughen the surface with fine sandpaper (P 220-P 280) and repeat the previous steps. Once it has cured, it can be processed with a sander or saw. It is also possible to paint or coat the roughened epoxy filler. This way the repair is hardly visible as it blends in perfectly with the original substrate.

Buy Epoxy Putty

You can purchase epoxy putty in double syringes or in two separate bottles. Double syringes make it far easier to mix it in the right ratio. For correct application, you still need a dosing gun, however. If you buy the components in two separated bottles, please note the exact mixing ratio and the product information. For the best possible result, it is advisable to strictly stick to the specified resin-hardener-ratio.

In both cases you must mix the components well before you start the application. This is the only way the epoxy putty will cure evenly and firmly.

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