Epoxy Glue

Epoxy Glue: Ultra Strong 2K Adhesive

Epoxy glue from EPODEX is ideal to bond permanently 2 objects together. Our 2-component epoxy-based glue is very strong and is also suitable for vertical use. EPODEX epoxy adhesive is versatile and very resilient. It can also be sanded, painted, and drilled after curing, which makes it a very practical tool to have.

Epoxy Glues Fields of Application

Our epoxy adhesive can be used on almost any surface. It is used where a strong bond is required to withstand heavy wear and tear. Glue wood, metal, plastic, and cement quickly and easily. Our 2-component epoxy glue is perfect for work around the house or garden as well as for DIY projects. The most popular fields of application are boat building and renovation of all kinds. It is often used in the renovation field to fill cracks and holes. Our epoxy resin-based glue is applied in 3 simple steps – apply the glue, fix the object to be glued and let it cure.

How to mix and use a double syringe

EPODEX 2K epoxy adhesive is supplied in a practical double cartridge syringe. The 2 components are contained separately in each cartridge. To use the double syringe, you must break off the tip and screw the supplied mixing attachment in its place. Then hold the epoxy glue syringe upwards. Gently push the plunger to remove any air bubbles. Then apply the required amount of epoxy adhesive to both surfaces to be bonded. The mixing attachment allows the resin and hardener to be mixed directly in the right mixing ratio. Press the bonded surfaces together. Clean the double syringe after use. To do this, retract the plunger and remove the mixing tip. Remove any residue with a pointed object. Clean the mixing attachment with water and close it tightly with the cap.

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How to mix 2K adhesive yourself

If you buy epoxy resin glue sold in 2 separate bottles, mix the components in a mixing cup according to the instructions. Mix the resin and hardener thoroughly with a stir stick. Apply a thin layer of the mixture to both surfaces to be bonded. If necessary, fix the surfaces with clamps. Close the bottles immediately after use. Mixing residues can be removed from the mixing cup with a spatula immediately after mixing.

How to remove epoxy glue

Because epoxy glue is a permanent adhesive, it cannot be easily removed. Therefore, it is best to use it only when you want to glue objects definitively. However, there are a few tips for removing epoxy resin-based glue. During the curing period, i.e., after the glue has been applied but before it has completely set, it can be removed by wiping with a cloth soaked in acetone. Once the epoxy has hardened, it can only be removed by sanding.

It is not possible to remove epoxy glue from your clothes without damaging the fabric. Therefore, we recommend wearing old clothes when handling the resin. Gloves should also be worn to avoid contact with the skin. If the adhesive encounters contact with your skin, wash thoroughly with soap and water.

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