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How to Make a River Table

Hardly any other piece of furniture is as special as an epoxy resin river table. The trend to build epoxy tables originally comes from the US and is becoming more and more popular in the UK. A river table combines exciting design and craftsmanship at the highest level with high functionality and sturdiness. Our epoxy resin is suitable for every material and every purpose and therefore ideally suited to make your own river table. In addition to clear resin and hardener, you can also obtain the desired colour pigments. You mix these into the clear resin. Select your product in our four colour categories now:

Epoxy River Table Tutorial

Thanks to our tutorial, even beginners can make their own resin table. All you need is the products mentioned in the video, some skill and your creativity.

Every river table is a unique piece of art. With EPODEX’s products you can easily make one yourself just as you please. Our colour range is huge. Whether you prefer a natural-looking, minimalistic river table or a table with bright colours, you will find the required colours in our shop. Additional we offer colour pigments and flakes that you can implement into the table top to lent it a special touch.

The Best Resin Kit for River Tables

Basically, many casting resins are suitable to make an epoxy table, whereas application and durability can vary greatly. Especially if you plan to use the table outdoors, or in a place where it is exposed to sunlight, it is worth using a high-quality epoxy resin kit like EPODEX PRO+.

EPODEX PRO+ is best suited for a river table since it allows layer thickness of 5 cm and more in one cast. This means faster processing and less work. Furthermore, EPODEX PRO+ is crystal clear and offers maximum UV protection. Thus, there is no yellowing and you can enjoy your river table for a long time. EPODEX’s epoxy resin is free of harmful substances and food save. Since our products are solvent-free, you will not be exposed to any harmful thinners during processing.

Prepare Making a River Table

Making a river table is not hard. You just got to follow some simple tips. For an ideal result that you will enjoy for a long time, please mix the resin exactly according to the instructions. The working environment should be dry, dust-free and well ventilated at a stable room temperature of about 20°C. Temperatures that are too high or too low can negatively influence the curing and the quality of the epoxy resin. The wood you want to work on must be completely dry and free of loose bark. The epoxy resin should be placed in the room with the correct temperature a few hours before application. When you have all the materials ready and the application temperatures have been reached, you can start working with the resin.

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EPODEX offers you all the epoxy products you need to make your own river table. The required wooden planks can be found in a hardware store or timber trade. You can design the river table to your taste and style of furnishing. Combine your preferred wood with epoxy resin, pigments or special effect flakes. Additionally, you will find useful equipment in our shop.

If you have any questions about our products or their application, our expert service team is available by phone, e-mail or WhatsApp. We look forward to your inquiry!

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