Color pigments

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Order high-quality color pigments at top prices now. Whether for use in casting, laminating and epoxy resins, for mixing in spray film and liquid rubber or for powder coating – our color pigments are ideal for almost all applications. Thanks to their perfect UV resistance, all pigments are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Discover now your favorite color in one of our four color categories and see for yourself:

Pure color pigments for self-makers

Color pigments are dry colors. The color material is pulverized in the initial form. This is a significant difference to color concentrates, which are available as color pastes. Our pigments can be divided into three classes: absorption, pearlescent and metallic effect pigments. The different pigment colors consist partly of zinc, aluminum or gold platelets and are available in different particle sizes.

Convince yourself of the quality of our pure color pigments. All our pigments are characterized by the highest color strength and are lightfast. Mix your own colors. By adding more or less pigment you influence the color intensity and opacity. Our pigments are universally applicable for a variety of purposes. Thus, you can mix our pigments in many binders. It’s particularly easy to apply all colors with our ready-mixed binders, such as our epoxy resin and our transparent spray film. Put the amount recommended by us in the containers, mix the pigment well and start to coat, spray or varnish.

Insert epoxy pigment correctly

In order for you to use our epoxy pigments properly, here are a few valuable tips. First, you need a mixing can in which to mix in the pigments. Choose a simple processing and get nice result on your first try. The amount of epoxy pigment you use for your project depends on the weight of the resin and hardener. We recommend adding between 1,5% and 2% of the total weight in epoxy pigment. However, the amount of epoxy pigment used can vary depending on your project and the desired effect. If you overdose the color pigments, there is a possibility that, the resin and hardener won’t mix properly. To prevent this, you will find many recommendations on our products pages. Any questions? Our team will be happy to help.

The field of application

The field of application of our color pigments is manifold. Dye epoxy, putty, concrete, plaster, foil and more. The possibilities are manifold. High-quality color components allow you easy processing without clumping. Mix our color pigments with each other or with commercial emulsion paints. Create unique color combinations and individual effects. Which color results after mixing two pigments is difficult to determine. Pigments are not subject to the general color order. For example, mixing a blue and a yellow color pigment will not necessarily result in a green color effect. The exact color effect can only be determined by a sample, as it is partly influenced by the mixture used (epoxy resin, spray film, sand, cement).

Be inspired by our colorful pigments and numerous projects of our customers. If you have any questions, our competent service team will be happy to help.