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Whether for use in casting and laminating with epoxy resins, or for mixing in with spray film, liquid rubber, or for powder coatings — our colour pigments are the ideal choice for any application. Due to the UV stabilization, all colours are suitable for indoor & outdoor use.

Pure Colour Pigments

Colour pigments are dry colours. The colour material is pulverized in the initial form. This is a significant difference to colour concentrates, which are available as colour pastes. Our pigments can be divided into three classes: absorption, pearlescent and metallic pigments. The different colour pigments consist partly of zinc, aluminium, and gold platelets and are available in different particle sizes.

The quality of our pure colour pigments is mind-blowing. All pigments are characterized by the highest colour strength and are light fast. Mix your own colours, by adding more or less pigment you are able to influence the colour intensity and opacity. Our pigments are universally applicable for a variety of purposes. Thus, you are able to mix our pigments in many binders. It’s particularly easy to apply all colours with our ready-mixed binders, such as our epoxy resin and our transparent spray film. Put the recommended amount by in the containers, mix the pigment, and start to coat, spray or varnish.

How-To Apply Colour Pigments

In order to use our epoxy pigments properly, follow these valuable tips. First of all, you´ll need a mixing can in which to mix in the pigments. The amount of epoxy pigment you use for your project depends on the weight of the resin and hardener. We recommend adding between 1.5% and 2% of the total weight in epoxy pigment. However, the amount of epoxy pigment used can vary depending on your project and desired effect. If you overdose the colour pigments, there is a possibility that the resin and hardener won’t mix properly. To prevent this you will find detailed instructions on our product pages.

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Range of Applications

The range of applications of our colour pigments is extremely diverse. Dye epoxy, putty, concrete, plaster, foil and more. The possibilities are endless. High-quality colour components allow for easy processing without clumping. Mix our colour pigments with each other or with commercial emulsion paints. Create unique colour combinations with individual effects. Be advised that the results of mixing two pigments together are difficult when determining the outcome. Pigments are not subject to the Law of Colour Theory. For example, mixing a blue and yellow colour pigment will not necessarily result in a green colour effect. The exact colour effect can only be determined by a sample, as it is partly influenced by the mixture used (epoxy resin, spray film, sand, cement).

Browse through our colourful array of pigments and check out the beautiful projects completed by our customers for inspiration.

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