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With wall paint from EPODEX, you decide on top quality at the best price. Shop now our premium wall paint with integrated wall protection formula. Our interior paint is hard-wearing, washable, and breathable.

Our Promises

Your needs and wishes always come first for us

High Coverage

Our paints have a class 1-2 and thus the best coverage available. Often one coat is sufficient to reach full coverage.

Made in Germany

We are complying to the highest quality standards and always reaching out for more by constantly improving our existing products.


All our wall paints are scrub-resistant and washable. Dirt, marks, and stains can easily and quickly be wiped away.


Our wall paints withstand impacts and touches without any problems. So, the walls always remain neat and clean.

Wall Paint in White or Colour

Bright white is the most popular wall colour. A white wall creates a clean, minimalist environment. This shows off your furniture, plants, and decorations to their best advantage. To achieve an opaque, radiant result, you should pay attention to high quality. Low-quality wall paint often only produces a good result after many coats.

So, save time and money by choosing an EPODEX paint with a high pigment and binder content. This way you will achieve a top result with less material and time!

How do I know Which Wall Paint is The Right One For Me?

When choosing the right wall paint, the most important factor is determining where it will be used. You should also consider how much the wall will be exposed to and with what. In living rooms, we recommend our premium wall paint with integrated wall protection formula. Our paint is resilient thanks to its high binder content. Dirt and spills can also easily be washed off. Our wall paint is available in a lot of RAL shades as well as trendy colours. If you want the powdery surface look of chalk paint, EPODEX CHALK PAINT is the right product for you.

In wet rooms, you should choose an extra waterproof paint that is also resistant to mould. EPODEX LATEX PAINT is ideal for this purpose. We also recommend our latex paint for the kitchen, as it can be easily washed off if it gets dirty.

Basically, all our paints are highly pigmented, easy to apply and very durable. You will find detailed information about the individual products and their application on the respective product pages.

How do I paint My Walls?

Applying wall paint is not complicated and is easy to do, even for beginners. Basically, the surface to be painted should be clean, free of grease and somewhat rough so that the paint adheres well. Before you start painting, you should always read on the respective product page how to apply the product and how much product you need per coat. Always mix the paint well before use.

Then start applying the wall paint. Depending on the pattern you want to achieve, you can work with a paint roller, brushes, or sponges. You can find complete accessories kit on each product page. Depending on the surface and the desired colour intensity, you will need 1-3 coats. Then allow the paint to dry completely before touching or putting any weight on the wall.
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Paint for Bathrooms & Kitchen

In bathrooms, showers and baths lead to high humidity and strong temperature fluctuations. Therefore, use a damp room paint such as our premium wall paint to effectively prevent the wallpaper from peeling off and mould from forming. Once dry, our paint is ultra-resistant and washable. In addition, the wall can be cleaned easily and hygienically. It couldn’t be any easier!

In kitchens, the humidity is higher than in other living spaces. In addition, stains can quickly appear on the wall when cooking and preparing meals. Therefore, protect your kitchen walls with our premium interior paint and make your kitchen walls resilient and easy to clean. Our interior paint protects kitchen walls from mould and damage caused by water vapour.  There are practically no limits to the colour design of your kitchen wall paint, we carry all common RAL and pastel shades. In addition, our colours can be mixed with each other, so you are guaranteed to achieve your desired shade.

What is Special About EPODEX'S Wall Paint?

In contrast to cheap paints from the hardware store, our wall paint has a high content of binders and colourants. As a result, the paint covers very well and you are guaranteed to only need one coat even for light-coloured walls.

How do I find out How Much Wall Paint I need?

Measure the area to paint and decide how many coats you want to apply. You can then select the quantity directly in m² on each product page. The quantity shown is for 1 coat, double the amount if you wish to apply 2 coats.

Which Accessories do I need to apply The Wall Paint?

You'll find complete accessories kit on each product page. Each kits includes everything that it needed to mask and protect area that shouldn't be painted, as well as, everything needed to paint.

Is The Paint Abrasion Resistant?

Once dried, the paint is resistant and abrasion-proof. It can also be easily cleaned. No scrubbing is required even for stains.


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