Microcement for Interior and Exterior Use

Microcement is a special filler for coating floors, wall surfaces and other surfaces both indoors and outdoors. Achieve effortlessly seamless coatings and individual styles and structures on almost any substrates, such as tiles, parquet, natural stone, drywall, OSB panels, metal, marble, ceramics, etc.

Our Promises

High-quality product, with outstanding properties that meets all expectations.

Universal Use

Microcement can be used on almost any substrate both indoors and outdoors. It is also suitable for underfloor heating.


EPODEX microcement can be used in damp areas and can be sealed with polyurethane to make it waterproof and weather-resistant.


Microcement is highly durable, jointless and UV-resistant. At the same time, it remains flexible and provides a very comfortable surface to walk on.


Our microcement is breathable and open to diffusion, which improves the indoor climate. It is made of natural materials.

Easy Application

You can easily achieve seamless results on almost any substrate with our microcement. First, make sure that the substrate is load-bearing, dry and free of dirt and separating agents. Level uneven surfaces with a levelling compound, e.g., steep slopes of the floor. The layer build-up is done in 2-3 steps. Then, apply 2 layers of microcement with a trowel.

Finally, you can apply EPODEX polyurethane resin (PU resin) with a roller to seal and obtain a waterproof, weather-resistant surface. The result is a modern state-of-the-art concrete design for both residential and commercial applications.

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Website very informative, product selection is also very interesting, the order was also delivered in a few days.


Everything great! Especially the telephone contact. I would find it helpful if more videos were included. Explanations of what you have to consider.


There was a small problem with my last delivery, which was fixed immediately after a short call without any problems.


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Can I use Microcement Outdoors?

By sealing it with polyurethane resin, the surface becomes waterproof and weather resistant. It can thus be used to coat facades, terraces, balconies, walkways, pool surrounds and much more. The design is seamless and at the same time slip resistant.

Can I use Microcement in Wet Areas?

Microcement is a perfect coating for wet areas. In combination with our PU sealant, the material is water and moisture-resistant and can therefore be used without any problems in areas with direct water contact and standing water. In addition, the floor is slip-resistant and meets the requirement of a class R9.

Can a Beginner Without Experience Apply It?

Yes, it’s an easy-to-apply trowel technique. With the help of our detailed instructions for use and tutorial videos, the application is child's play. The simple layer build-up technique enables even beginners to achieve a quick and flawless result.

How do I maintain a Microcement Coating?

Dust, dirt, and hair can be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner or a broom. For a more thorough cleaning, a damp microfibre cloth or a mop can be used. No acidic cleaning agents must be used. Scrubbing the surface with hard brushes is also not recommended.

Do I need to prepare The Substrate?

The substrate must be load-bearing, permanently dry and free of dirt and separating agents.
Unevenness, such as a steep slope of the floor, must be levelled with a levelling compound.
For smooth, non-absorbent substrates such as tiled floors, we recommend our primer for non-absorbent substrates. For absorbent subfloors, we recommend our undercoat.

Do I need a Sealant?

In wet and outdoor areas, a polyurethane resin sealant is necessary to prevent water from damaging the coating. Such a sealant also allows you to determine the gloss level of your coating. You can choose between a matt and glossy finish.


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