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High-Quality 2-part Epoxy Resin

2-part epoxy resin is a liquid material that cures from a chemical reaction of the resin A-component and hardener B-component. The result is a crystal clear, shatterproof, high-gloss, and hard surface finish. These properties make the synthetic resin extremely versatile and universally applicable.

In the private and commercial sector, 2-part epoxy resin is a popular method to seal floors, worktops, or tables. It is also suitable for repairs of all kinds. In the hobby & DIY sectors, our customers make their own jewellery, river tables, and ornaments using EPODEX products. With our two-part epoxy resin, you can finish your project in no time. We offer various resin kits, a wide range of epoxy paint, and all the equipment you´ll need for your next project.

EPODEX offers premium products along with top quality service at the best prices.

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Epoxy resins for all applications
Epoxy resin by EPODEX is suitable for a wide range of applications. In addition to coating floors and making tables, it can be used for lamination and repairs in the automotive sectors as well as model making and crafts. Our epoxy resin is crystal clear and offers the addition of numerous colour pigments from our wide selection of shades. Choose the right product for your project from our six epoxy resin categories now:
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Tile Paint
With EPODEX Tile Paint, you can revamp your old tiles and save yourself time-consuming renovations. Choose now between our Tile Paint 1K for normally stressed tiled walls and our Tile Paint 2K for floors and heavily stressed wall tiles, as well as for tiles with permanent water contact and standing water, e.g., in showers.
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Floor Paint
With floor paint from EPODEX, you are choosing a high-quality floor coating at a low price. Our CONCRETE PAINT range includes two different products. On the one hand, a 1-component floor paint for floors subject to normal wear in the home and 2-component floor paint for floors subject to heavy wear. For tiled floors, we also offer 2K tile varnish.
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Wall Paint
With wall paint from EPODEX you decide for top quality at a low price. We offer various types of highly opaque wall paint for different areas of application. Whether timeless polar white or a trendy colour – you will find it here!
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Concrete Paint
With our Concrete Paint, you can paint concrete surfaces in the colour of your choice. With this sealant, you effectively protect the material from moisture, cracks, and premature wear. Choose now between our 1K paint for concrete walls and normally stressed concrete floors or our 2K paint for heavily stressed concrete floors in the home, basement, garage, and warehouse.
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Latex Paint
With LATEX PAINT from EPODEX, you are choosing a low-odour and easy-to-use product that meets the highest demands! Discover our premium products today and convince yourself of the top quality!
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Wood Paint
Wood paints are special paints or varnishes that are perfectly optimised for the properties of wood. As wood is an absorbent, weather-sensitive and natural building material, it is very susceptible to damage when untreated. Our water-based acrylic lacquers and chalk paints, which are free of solvents classified as harmful to health, are ideally suited as wood paints. With our lacquers and paints for wood, you can optimise the appearance of your wooden furniture. Let your wood shine in the colour of your choice today!
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Metal Paint
Metal paint is a term for various products that are suitable for the colourful transformation of metal surfaces. A distinction is made between emulsion paints and lacquers, such as acrylic lacquers. At EPODEX, you can get acrylic-based metal paint for every project. Use EPODEX ACRYLIC PROTECT for your metal fences or furniture, for example, and benefit from top quality at a low price.
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EPODEX specializes in the production and distribution of synthetic resin. With the help of modern production facilities, we create unique surface coatings with an almost unlimited range of colours. Our epoxy resin is manufactured in Germany and is subject to the strictest quality controls.

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