High-Quality 2-part Epoxy Resin

2-part epoxy resin is a liquid material that cures from a chemical reaction of the resin A-component and hardener B-component. The result is a crystal clear, shatterproof, high-gloss, and hard surface finish. These properties make the synthetic resin extremely versatile and universally applicable.

In the private and commercial sector, 2-part epoxy resin is a popular method to seal floors, worktops, or tables. It is also suitable for repairs of all kinds. In the hobby & DIY sectors, our customers make their own jewellery, river tables, and ornaments using EPODEX products. With our two-part epoxy resin, you can finish your project in no time. We offer various resin kits, a wide range of epoxy paint, and all the equipment you´ll need for your next project.

EPODEX offers premium products along with top quality service at the best prices.

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Website very informative, product selection is also very interesting, the order was also delivered in a few days.


Everything great! Especially the telephone contact. I would find it helpful if more videos were included. Explanations of what you have to consider.


There was a small problem with my last delivery, which was fixed immediately after a short call without any problems.


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EPODEX specializes in the production and distribution of synthetic resin. With the help of modern production facilities, we create unique surface coatings with an almost unlimited range of colours. Our epoxy resin is manufactured in Germany and is subject to the strictest quality controls.

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