High-quality 2-part epoxy resin

2-part epoxy resin is a liquid material that cures by chemical reaction of the resin A-component and hardener B-component. The result is a crystal clear, shatterproof, high-gloss and hard surface. These properties make the synthetic resin an extremely versatile, universally applicable material.

In the private and commercial sector, 2-part epoxy resin is a popular method to seal floors, worktops or tables. It is also suitable for repairs of all kinds. In the hobby and DIY sector, our customers make their own jewellery, exciting river tables or ornaments using EPODEX products.

With our two-part epoxies you can finish your projects in no time at all. Various resin kits, a wide range of epoxy paint and matching equipment are available. EPODEX offers highest product and service quality at best prices. Try it and see for yourself!

Buy 2-component epoxy resin - resin and hardener

ECO System (Resin+Hardener)
from £14.99

  • Resin to coat, laminate and repair
  • Layer thickness: 0,1-1cm
  • Clear, frost stable and BPA-free
  • Use: Coating (floor, table etc.), making of terrarium/aquarium, stone carpet, jewellery making and much more

PRO System (Resin+Hardener)
from £19.99

  • Coating and casting resin
  • Layer thickness: 0,1-2cm
  • Crystal clear, UV resistant, VOC- and BPA-free
  • Use: Coating (floor, table etc.), jewellery and decorative object making, artwork sealing and much more

PRO+ System (Resin+Hardener)
from £19.99

  • Casting resin
  • Layer thickness: 0,1-5cm
  • Crystal clear, UV resistant, VOC- and BPA-free
  • Use: River table, large moulded and decorative object making and much more


EPODEX specialises in the production and distribution of synthetic resin. With the help of modern production facilities we create unique surface coatings with an almost unlimited range of colours. Our epoxy resin is manufactured in Germany and subject to the strictest quality controls.

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