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EPODEX's Wood paint

Wood paints are special paints or varnishes that are perfectly optimised for the properties of wood. Let your wood shine today with the wood paint from EPODEX!

Rigid Wood Paint

Wood Paint for Non Warping Surfaces (e.g. Wooden Furniture, Window Frames)

Elastic Wood Paint

Wood Preservative Paint for Warping Surfaces (e.g. Wooden Facades)

Chalk Paint for Wood

Wood Paint/Chalk Paint for a Matt Powdery Finish (e.g. for Wooden Furniture)


Our Promises

Your needs and wishes always come first for us

High Coverage

Our paints have a class 1-2 and thus the best coverage available. Often one coat is sufficient to reach full coverage.

Made in Germany

We are complying to the highest quality standards and always reaching out for more by constantly improving our existing products.


All our wall paints are scrub-resistant and washable. Dirt, marks, and stains can easily and quickly be wiped away.


Our wall paints withstand impacts and touches without any problems. So, the walls always remain neat and clean.

Wood Paint for Furniture

Wood is an absorbent, warping, natural material, it is highly sensitive to deterioration when left untreated. Our water-based wood paints and our chalk paint are ideally to paint wood. You can enhance the appearance of your wooden furniture with any of our paints. You can choose from many different types of paint if you want to repaint wooden furniture. Always consider the stresses to which the furniture is exposed and the finish you want.

At EPODEX, we carry various products that you can use to paint and protect wooden furniture and other wooden surfaces. Our products are extremely durable and meet the highest quality standards. Whatever the furniture and whatever the environment, you will find the perfect wood protection paint at EPODEX!

Which Wood Paint do I need Indoors?

Indoors, wooden furniture is usually not as heavily stressed as outdoors. Nevertheless, you should also weigh up here whether an additional sealing makes sense or whether you would like a colour change.

In rooms with high humidity, such as kitchens and bathrooms, you should avoid furniture made of untreated wood. Otherwise, the wood will become rotten and porous over time due to the steam. Sealing with wood paint effectively counteracts this.

For damp rooms, a lacquer sealant is recommended, as paint alone does not provide sufficient protection. Use EPODEX ACRYLIC PROTECT lacquer and enjoy your wooden furniture for a long time!

Which Wood Paint do I need Outdoors?

Wood is exposed to many stresses and strains, especially outdoors: Moisture, temperature changes and UV radiation would quickly damage untreated wood and make it unsightly. Pests can also spread quickly and destroy the wood. It is therefore important to have an elastic yet resistant and resilient sealant.

With EPODEX ACRYLIC PROTECT+ elastic acrylic varnish for exterior use, you can protect wooden surfaces of garden sheds, fences, wooden panelling, screens, or wooden facades. For wooden garden furniture, use EPODEX ACRYLIC PROTECT as it is a rigide paint for non-warping surfaces.
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Which Paint do I need to paint Window Frames and Doors?

We recommend to use our ACRYLIC PROTECT to paint window frames and doors. This paint is ridig and suitable for paint-on-paint contact.

Which Accessories do I need to apply Wood Paint?

Complete accessories kits can including everything, can be found on each product page. The kits were put together by our expert team to meet the requirements of each product.

How Long does Wood Paint Last?

If you choose a high-quality paint and apply it according to the instructions, it will last for years to come. Indoors, the paint is subjected to low stress and has a almost unlimited durability, outdoors, depending on weather conditions and stress, it might be necessary to refresh the paint after a few years.

Should I take Wood Stain Or Wood Paint?

The difference between a stain and a paint is that the stain is absorbed deep into the wood and the natural look of the wood remains visible. Paint, on the other hand, remains on the surface and is not absorbed deeply into the wood. It therefore seals the wood and also give it a new look.

Which Wood Paint do I need For Furniture?

When choosing paint, it is always important to consider whether the wooden furniture is to be used indoors or outdoors. Use an acrylic-based rigid paint, like ACRYLIC PROTECT, indoors and for non-warping furniture outdoors. Use an elastic paint such as ACRYLIC PROTECT+ on furniture susceptible to warp outdoors (i.e. surface that expand and contract under the influence of weather).

How Long does The Wood Paint needs to dry?

Drying times can vary depending on the paint, so always read the instructions for use. If possible, allow the paint to dry between coats and the last coat of paint to dry completely before touching or loading the wood.


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