Stone carpet

Buy an Epodex‘s stone carpet

Do you play with the idea of improving your home with an exclusive stone carpet? In this case, you have found the perfect place to find one! Whether it is for the living room, the bathroom or the garden, with the huge variety of EPODEX‘s colours, you can fully develop your creativity. The specially designed Do-It-Yourself flooring systems make treating your floor a breeze. In addition to synthetic resin and natural stones, we also offer complete sets. That’s how buying a stone carpet becomes easy!


Buy a stone carpet for indoor or outdoor use

With our stone carpet, you buy the ideal flooring for your home. While interior stone carpet in epoxy resin is becoming increasingly popular, polyurethane resin flooring is perfect for the exterior use. This is mainly because the polyurethane resin, unlike the epoxy resin, is absolutely UV resistant and does not get yellow under the sun’s rays. We therefore recommend the use of polyurethane resin, especially for light natural stones.

Whether inside or outside, on our website you are sure to buy a high-end product. EPODEX‘s stone carpet offers an excellent alternative to traditional flooring. The open-pore floor structure promises a pleasant massage sensation and is very easy to clean. The sound absorbing material allows you to cross your living space without a hitch and is a joy for your night’s sleep. Even laying on a heated floor is possible. Most natural stone floors not only transmit heat but also store it. In addition, EPODEX’s flooring is safe. When wet tiles pose a safety risk, the non-slip stone carpet ensures trouble-free walking.

Buying a stone carpet is very trendy

Not only professionals are interested in a stone carpet, but also more and more individuals. Achievable in just a few steps, everyone can accomplish it. In addition, a natural stone carpet is very easy to clean. As easy as a tile, just vacuum and wash with water.
With our product, you also buy a flooring favourable to people suffering from allergy. Since the combination of rock and epoxy resin or polyurethane resin reduces dust swirls.

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Buy the right stone carpet for outdoor use

An outdoor flooring faces many challenges. The difficulties of everyday life should in no way affect the natural stone carpet. That’s why EPODEX has developed a combination of high quality products for you that meets the needs of outdoor floors. Especially outdoors, the choice of the right component is crucial. For outdoor use, we recommend the use of polyurethane resin. A polyurethane floor is insensitive to UV rays and therefore retains an intense colour.
Even the cold days of a harsh winter are no problem for EPODEX‘s flooring. In addition to the frost resistance, our products have a high weather resistance. If the resin is installed outside or in the bathroom, we recommend using a floor sealer as well. This ensures impermeability and easy cleaning.

With our stone carpet, you are sure to buy a safe flooring system. If you are at risk of falling with rain or snow, treat yourself with the EPODEX safety.

Buy a stone carpet in many variations

Buying a stone carpet means fulfilling your individual wishes. In our shop, you will find a large selection of products. Whether marble, granite or glass, we guarantee you that you will find the right material. Our selected rock types ensure a sophisticated and high quality appearance.

Buy a stone carpet now and give free rein to your creativity! Of course, the many types of rock can also be combined to create an excellent colour scheme. With aggregates from two to 8mm in diameter, you have the choice between a thin or robust appearance. All stones are washed and rounded as part of a complex procedure. Thanks to the washing process, our stones are ready to be treated with synthetic resin immediately. The extra rounding of stones in stone drums removes all sharp edges and creates a smooth surface.

With EPODEX stone carpet, you buy the highest quality at the lowest price. Enjoy it now!

steinteppich steine farbig