Concrete Paint

Concrete Paint for Indoor and Outdoor Use

With our Concrete Paint, you can paint concrete surfaces in the colour of your choice. With this sealant, you effectively protect the material from moisture, cracks, and premature wear. Choose now between our 1K paint for walls and our 2K paint for floors.


Concrete is a sensitive material that is absorbent and reacts to weathering. Untreated concrete surfaces, therefore, have roughly the same properties as natural stone slabs. Especially on heavily used surfaces or in outdoor areas, concrete quickly becomes unsightly unless an additional protective layer is applied. If you want to protect your concrete surfaces, the EPODEX CONCRETE PAINT range is the product of choice. Our professional-quality concrete colours are easy to apply, even for a beginner. The application of our paint protects the surface from moisture, mechanical influences and minimises the formation of mould or moss.

With concrete, it is always essential to choose the right paint for the intended use. We offer two different products that are ideally suited for painting concrete floors or walls. With CONCRETE PAINT 2K we stock a 2-component epoxy resin-based paint and with CONCRETE PAINT 1K a 1-component acrylic-based paint. No matter which of the two is the most suitable for your project – easy application and long-lasting hold is guaranteed!

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Whether for your patio, the stairs to your house, for exterior walls, walls, or floor coatings – concrete and stone paint is used wherever you want to make concrete on the house or in the garden more durable or to beautify it. If you want to achieve a perfect coating on concrete, it comes down to two factors: choosing the right product and applying the paint properly. To make it especially easy for you, EPODEX has developed a simple system. First, choose which paint suits your need.

CONCRETE PAINT 1K is abrasion-resistant, weatherproof, odourless, and water-based. It is suitable for horizontal and vertical surfaces indoors and outdoors without standing water.

If you want to paint a floor with a very high mechanical load, e.g., garages, car parking spaces, warehouses, industrial halls, and with constant water load, we recommend our more resistant CONCRETE PAINT 2K epoxy resin-based paint. Then determine how much you need. Then apply the concrete colour according to the instructions on the corresponding product page. Apply with a sturdy paint roller or brush.

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