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EPODEX epoxy resin offers you a wide range of applications. In addition to the coating of floors and the casting of tables and jewellery, our epoxy resin is suitable for any laminating and repair work in the automotive sector, model making and craft. In addition to crystal-clear resin and hardener, you will receive the desired colour pigments and concentrates separately. Now choose your desired product in our four colour categories:

EPODEX epoxy resin: professional quality Made in Germany

EPODEX epoxy resin is manufactured in Germany and is subject to the strictest quality controls. With our epoxy resin you buy an absolute professional product. Resin and hardener are manufactured in Germany and are subject ot he strictest quality controls. Production is monitored and with the help of modern production facilities, it enables us to ensure consistent quality and processing. The crystal clear resin contains 100% solids. Since no solvent is added, no harmful thinners are exposed during processing and there is no loss of material due to evaporation during curing.

Due to the production in Germany and the excellent price-performance ratio, we can keep the times of production, storage and sales as short as and always offer fresh resin. Buying epoxy resin is a matter of trust. Our high-grade formulation impresses with top quality, such as very high bending and compressive strength, excellent elongation at break and outstanding impact strength. In addition, our resin has very good impregnation properties and excellent chemical resistance. This makes buying epoxy resin fun!

Excelente processing with EPODEX epoxy resin

Our epoxy resin is easy to process. Mix the resin A-component and hardener B-component in the recommended mixing ratio and then pour, paint or dip the resin onto the surface to be treated. The correct mixing ratio for our epoxy resin is 2:1 (resin to hardener). The use of high-quality raw materials and the optimized formulation enable fast and uncomplicated processing and thus a short processing time. In addition to its ease of use, our epoxy resin also has very low hardening times of 25-35 minutes.

At a room temperature of 20°C, it is already fully cured after about 24 hours. For an optimal result, we recommend you to apply a layer thickness of no more than 1cm per pass. Allow the material to cure for 6-8 hours before starting to apply the next coat. This ensures a complete and clear transition. In addition, applying several layers prevents the resin from overheating and causing unwanted cracks. One applied, the epoxy resin will last for decades.

Epoxy Boden

The right epoxy resin for every application

Due to our perfect mixing ratio of resin and hardener, our epoxy resin is suitable for all purposes. From various coating activities, to adhesive and putty work, to the impregnation of glass, aramid and carbon fibres. In addition, our resin is easily applicable on almost all surfaces. Because it has a very good adhesion to almost all materials such as concrete, wood, metal, Styrofoam and GFRP.

Whether you’re pouring out impressive tables with epoxy resin or wanting to shine your entire floor to shine, our resin mixes well with our colour pastes and colour pigments. In our shop you will find so many colours to achieve great colour effects. You lack the necessary inspiration? No problem, in our picture galleries in the products you will find numerous application design examples.