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Epoxy resin by EPODEX is suitable for a wide range of applications. In addition to coating floors or making tables, you can use it for laminating and repair works in the automotive sector, model making or craft. Our epoxy resin is crystal clear and you can add numerous coulour pigments from our wide selection of epoxy paint. Choose now!

High-Quality Epoxy Resin by EPODEX

Our epoxy resin kits meet the highest standards. Resin and hardener are subject to the strictest regulations. Production takes place in state-of-the-art facilities and is regularly monitored. This enables us to keep times of production, storage and sale as short as possible and to always offer you freshly produced resin. Since our products are solvent-free, no harmful thinners are exposed during processing and there is no loss of material due to evaporation during curing. We do not use any substances that are hazardous to health and provide our customers and employees only with safe products.

The formulation of EPODEX’s epoxy resin stands out for its high bending and compressive strength as well as for outstanding impact strength. In addition, our products have very good impregnation properties and excellent chemical resistance.

Buy 2-component epoxy resin - resin and hardener

ECO System (Resin+Hardener)
from £14.99

  • Resin to coat, laminate and repair
  • Layer thickness: 0,1-1cm
  • Clear, frost stable and BPA-free
  • Use: Coating (floor, table etc.), making of terrarium/aquarium, stone carpet, jewellery making and much more

PRO System (Resin+Hardener)
from £17.99

  • Coating and casting resin
  • Layer thickness: 0,1-2cm
  • Crystal clear, UV resistant, VOC- and BPA-free
  • Use: Coating (floor, table etc.), jewellery and decorative object making, artwork sealing and much more

PRO+ System (Resin+Hardener)
from £17.99

  • Casting resin
  • Layer thickness: 0,1-5cm
  • Crystal clear, UV resistant, VOC- and BPA-free
  • Use: River table, large moulded and decorative object making and much more

What is Epoxy Resin?

We are specialised in 2-part epoxy resin, which is mixed from resin and hardener. When those components are mixed together in the correct ratio, an exothermic, chemical reaction occurs. During processing, it is liquid at first, then becomes gel-like and cures later. Depending on the resin kit, this reaction takes shorter or longer, which also effects the possible applications.

For example, if you want to coat a tabletop, choose a fast curing resin such as EPODEX ECO. For river tables with higher casting depths, EPODEX PRO+ is the best choice. To get the best possible result, it is important to prepare the surface thoroughly and mix the two components according to the instructions. Additionally, the working environment must meet certain standards regarding temperature and humidity. You will find all details about our products and exact application instructions on the product pages.

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Application of Epoxy Resin

Insulate your industrial floor or garage floor, cast an epoxy table or create your own jewellery: Thanks to the ideal mixing ratio of resin and hardener, our product is suitable for a variety of applications. From coatings to gluing and filling work to impregnating glass, aramid and carbon fibres. Epoxy resin can be used in hobby, craft and industry.

Synthetic resin is easy and quick to apply and equally popular with our private and commercial customers. Our resin kits are ideally suited as coatings and can be applied to almost all surfaces. EPODEX’s epoxy resin has a very good adhesion to materials such as concrete, metal and styrofoam and it is often used for sealing wood. In shipping, marine epoxy is the material of choice when it comes to manufacturing, repairing and laminating GRP boats.

Buy Epoxy Resin – Coloured or Crystal Clear

Whether you want to cast resin for stunning tables or lay a completely new high-gloss resin flooring, we offer you a wide range of colour pastes, transparent colours, metallic pigments and neon pigments to mix in our epoxy resin. Working with epoxy resin is a lot of fun and is easy to learn for beginners! In our shop you will find numerous colours to achieve great effects. All colours can be mixed with each other to create any desired shade of colour.