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Make Your Own Epoxy Resin Table

Order high-quality epoxy resin now and easily cast your epoxy resin tables, river-tables and much more. Choose your epoxy resin product depending on the desired layer thickness (casting height):

Epoxy Resin Table Coating

Would you like to design a unique table that’s durable and easy to maintain? A coating with epoxy resin is the right choice! The synthetic resin is easy-to-process, cures firmly and is highly durable. It makes your table highly resistant to liquids, scratches, and stains.

An epoxy resin table does not require any special care. It can be cleaned with common all-purpose cleaners and remains as good as new. In contrast to untreated wooden tables, epoxy tables do not require regular maintenance. Epoxy resin table coatings are often used in restaurants and bars, where tables/countertops are subject to heavy wear and tear.

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Resin systems

Shop all our epoxy resin systems here. The complete ECO series (ECO, ECO+ and ECO MAX), the PRO series (PRO, PRO + and PRO MAX) and much more.

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DIY Epoxy Resin Table

To make your own epoxy resin table you must first measure the size of your table and decide on the layer thickness you would like to apply. You can calculate the exact quantity you will need with our epoxy calculator. Depending on the required quantity, you can then choose the ideal resin kit for your table. Our kits always consist of resin & hardener.

With epoxy resin, you can easily customize your table, counter, or worktop and make them more durable for everyday wear. It can be cast into nearly any shape and dyed in any colour. In addition to clear epoxy, we also offer a wide range of colour pigments that can be mixed into the clear epoxy resin. There are no limits to your creativity!

You can apply our coating resin to wood and many other materials. No matter your choice of coating a natural wooden table, or making an epoxy resin table with bright colours & various highlights it can be easily done with epoxy resin by EPODEX!

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How-To Coat an Epoxy Resin Table

Make your own epoxy resin table in a few easy steps. First, thoroughly clean the table to be coated and let it dry. Then, mix the resin with the hardener in a 2:1 ratio for about three minutes. To avoid the formation of bubbles mix slowly. Epoxy resin is best applied with a squeegee or paint roller.

We highly recommend that you first apply a 0.2 to 0.5mm thin layer of epoxy primer and allow it to cure. This layer seals your table and prevents material loss. In addition, the primer prevents air from penetrating into the resin, resulting in bubbles. The step is especially recommended for absorbent surfaces such as wood. After the primer has cured,  apply a layer of epoxy resin.

For layers of 1cm or less, we recommend EPODEX ECO. For transparent layers up to 2cm thick use EPODEX PRO. For layers over 5cm use the EPODEX PRO+.

Detailed instructions can be found on these product pages.

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