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Give your Tiles a New Look with EPODEX TILE PAINT

With EPODEX TILE PAINT, you can let your old tiles shine in new splendour! You can save yourself the time-consuming renovation of tiled rooms. With our paint, you can easily repaint old tiles and give your bathroom, guest toilet, or kitchen a fresh new look. With our 1K tile paint, you can repaint your wall tiles in no time. Use the 2K paint for tiled floors and heavily used wall tiles, as well as for tiles that are in constant contact with water, e.g., in showers and bathrooms.

EPODEX Tile Paint: Easy Application for a Perfect Result

You don’t like the old tiles in your kitchen anymore? Do you want to renovate your bathroom without much effort? Then EPODEX has a practical and affordable solution for you! We offer professional paints with which you will not recognise your old tiles. The application is very easy and can also be done by laymen. So, there is no need for a high craftsman’s bill if you choose our products.

All you must do is consider whether you need TILE PAINT 1-K acrylic-based paint (for walls without permanent water contact) or TILE PAINT 2-K epoxy-based paint (for floor tiles and heavily used tiles with permanent water contact). All our colours are inter-mixable so you can achieve exactly the shade you want.

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Repaint Tiles

It is important to prepare your tiles properly before painting them. Before you start, make sure your tiles are intact, preferably without cracks or breaks. Damaged tiles should be repaired beforehand, for example, with an epoxy filler.

In principle, the tiles should be lightly sanded with sandpaper and then cleaned before being painted on. To ensure that the paint adheres perfectly and that the result is durable, the surface must be rough, clean, and free of grease. Apply EPODEX TILE PAINT following the instructions on each product page.

Not all joints tolerate tile paint

Unlike, for example, a completely seamless floor made of epoxy resin, tiled walls and floors have joints that cannot be ignored. There are differences to be taken into account: Silicone joints cannot be painted over with paint because it does not adhere to them. It is therefore advisable to remove silicone joints completely before painting and to renew them afterwards.

The situation is different with acrylic joints. These can be painted over without any problems. Grout joints made of mortar can also be painted without any problems. Depending on the size and shape of the tiles, it is advisable to apply the tile colour with a more or less large paint roller. A fine brush can be used for joints and corners.

Tile paint for wall and floor tiles

Our products have high opacity, so one or two coats are usually enough to make your tiles look new. If there are large colour differences, for example, if you paint dark tiles white, further coats may be necessary. Eventually, the transformation will be perfect, and you can enjoy your new bathroom or kitchen – without any dust or noise!

You should bear in mind that not all tile is the same. Our 2-component paint should be used on the tiled floor. Floor tiles are exposed to heavier loads, which is why not all paints are suitable for painting floor tiles. For wall tiles, a 1-component paint is sufficient, provided the wall is not in constant contact with water.

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