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2K Polyurethane Resin for Surface Coatings

Easy to apply and extremely hard-wearing – these properties describe a surface that has been sealed with polyurethane resin (PU resin). Polyurethane Resin is easy and quick to apply and at the same time very durable and easy to maintain. Use our 2K polyurethane resin as the main coating for floors, walls and other surfaces or as a transparent topcoat (hard sealer) for epoxy resin, micro-cement, parquet, laminate and many other substrates.

Advantages and Properties of PU Resin

Polyurethane resin, often just called PU resin, is an excellent choice when it comes to sealing floors and surfaces. It can be applied to almost any surface and is one of the highest-quality synthetic resins for good reason. PU resin impresses with its numerous advantages: it is scratch-resistant, UV-resistant and is easy to apply and, if necessary, to refurbish. It provides very good impact sound insulation and is therefore often used as a floor coating in office buildings, schools or hospitals.

Since polyurethane resin is light and UV resistant, it can also be used outdoors without any problems. You do not have to be afraid of possible yellowing or fading.

Apply a Polyurethane Resin Floor, Yourself

Applying is almost as easy as buying polyurethane resin. You check the size of the surface and which layer thickness you want to apply. We recommend two thin coats with a layer thickness of approx. 0.15mm per coat (i.e., max.150µm per coat). Conveniently select the required squareness within our product page. The corresponding amount of material for two coats will be displayed automatically. At EPODEX you can get water-based PU-resin in glossy and matt. The processing of our PU resins does not differ from that of water-based epoxy resin or other water-based products. You simply roll the product on with a paint roller, brush it on or spray it on.

For example, install an epoxy resin floor and use polyurethane resin as the final sealer. In this way, you combine the best properties of the different synthetic resins and get a perfect result at a favourable price.

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Application and Maintenance of PU Resin

Start by cleaning your surface thoroughly. Remove stains, dirt and dust. Fill in holes and unevenness. This will create a clean and smooth surface that will guarantee you a perfect result. Then mask off the edges and any parts that are not to be coated. Should you not want a transparent coating, we recommend that you begin with a thin layer of coloured primer between 0.2mm and 0.3mm. Use our PRIMER for this. To apply, use a foam roller and paint crosswise to close all pores. Allow the primer to dry. The primer seals the surface and ensures that not too much polyurethane resin is absorbed into the substrate. This saves you material and money!

After the drying time, you can apply the polyurethane resin. To do this, mix the PU resin supplied with the corresponding PU hardener in the mixing ratio specified. If desired, you can also dye the mixture with our WB colour pastes. Now apply the material with a foam roller. For perfect processing and a top result, please always observe the recommended room temperature.

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