Microcement – Individual Products / Components

Microcement – Individual Products / Components

Microcement is a special filler for coating floors, wall surfaces and other surfaces both indoors and outdoors. Achieve effortlessly seamless coatings and individual styles and structures on almost any substrates, such as tiles, parquet, natural stone, drywall, OSB panels, metal, marble, ceramics, etc.

Microcement – Individual Components

Microcement (A-Components)

from 39.99  inc. VAT

LIQUID B-Component for Microcement - 2kg

89.99  inc. VAT

Microcement – Primer Components

Primer & Putty
For priming, filling, and smoothing wall tiles, as well as filling cracks, holes, joints, etc. Suitable for both absorbent and non-absorbent substrates.

from 26.99  inc. VAT

2K Primer & Levelling Compound
For absorbent and non-absorbent substrates with unevenness, such as cracks, holes, or joints (e.g., tiled floors)

from 109.99  inc. VAT

2K PRIMER (2K Primer)
For smooth, non-absorbent substrates e.g., PVC, metal, tiles with shallow joints.

from 49.99  inc. VAT

DEEP PRIMER - Saturating Primer
For absorbent substrates (e.g., concrete, masonry, wood)

from 20.99  inc. VAT

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