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Our Premium Quality Casting Resin

Thanks to the unique formula, our casting resin is suitable for various types of applications. Among many, it can be used to coat tables, furniture, and floors.
You can choose from a wide variety of colours we offer.

Browse through the colour categories below to find the ideal resin kit for your next project.

High-Quality Casting Resin at Unbeatable Prices

EPODEX produces high-quality casting resin using the finest raw materials. Our state-of-the-art production facilities guarantee consistent quality at reasonable prices. EPODEX’s casting resin is suitable to use as a hobby or for industrial purposes. Our fast curing resin can be easily processed without harsh odours.

Our 2-part epoxy consists of resin and hardener. Simply mix the two components using the correct ratio. Our resin kits offer quantities starting at 0,75kg.

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Resin systems

Shop all our epoxy resin systems here. The complete ECO series (ECO, ECO+ and ECO MAX), the PRO series (PRO, PRO + and PRO MAX) and much more.


One-of-a-Kind Furniture

Do you want to refine or customize tables, benches, or cabinets with casting resin? Our epoxy casting resin is ideally suited for any kind of furniture, regardless of the material. It makes wood insensitive to moisture and decay and gives it a new glossy finish. You can apply it to tabletops made of solid wood or other types of wood. The older the wood, the more profound the result allowing old, worn-out furniture to shine in new and unique ways. For extraordinary results add pigments to our casting resin.

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How-To Coat Tabletops

To coat a table with casting resin, cover any unwanted areas to avoid coating them. Then cast a thin layer of resin to the surface to be coated. After curing you can apply layers repeatedly until the desired depth is reached. The layer thickness depends on the resin system you choose. Our products range from 0.1-1cm (EPODEX ECO), to 0.1-2cm (EPODEX PRO), and 0.1-5cm (EPODEX PRO+).

After the casting resin has completely cured, you can sand and polish it until the desired finish is reached. You can add a final layer of polyurethane resin to enhance the gloss level or create a matte effect. The benefits of adding this layer include resistance to chemical cleaners and alcohols and extra scratch resistance.

Get Creative with Casting Resin

EPODEX’s casting resin allows you to get your creativity flowing. Epoxy resin is an extremely versatile material that can be cast in just about any size or shape. We offer the widest variety of shades from colour pastes and transparent dyes, to metallic, and light and neon pigments.

There is an infinite number of possibilities in creating the most unique and eye-catching designs.

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