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Furniture Lacquer from EPODEX

Furniture lacquer is a generic term used to describe various products which are suitable for painting and sealing furniture. On EPODEX, you’ll find the perfect lacquer for your project – No matter if you are looking for a coloured or colourless varnish.

White, Transparent and Coloured Furniture Lacquer

Our most popular colours are white furniture lacquer and colourless furniture lacquer. The transparent lacquer is used as an additional sealant on already coloured surfaces.

In addition to these two bestsellers, we also carry all common RAL colours and other individual colours.

Furniture lacquer white, for example, transforms natural wood furniture or yellowed white furniture back into high-gloss, pure white jewels that you will enjoy for a long time to come!

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Garden Furniture Varnish

Outdoors, your furniture is exposed to numerous stresses. Garden furniture quickly becomes unsightly if left unsealed. Protect your garden furniture effectively with EPODEX ACRYLIC PROTECT. This special acrylic-based lacquer is designed for dimensionally stable materials. Use it for furniture made of metal, plastic, or wood.

It is low-odour, environmentally friendly and abrasion-resistant. A coating thus specifically prevents damage caused by weathering, UV radiation and mechanical stress. You can use the lacquer as the sole coating in a colour of your choice, or as a colourless sealer for other colours. For example, you can paint your wooden furniture with EPODEX CHALK PAINT and then seal it with EPODEX ACRYLIC PROTECT. This colour is used especially often on furniture to give it that trendy rustic look.

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How to varnish Furniture Yourself

Painting with acrylic varnish is quick and easy. Always start by preparing the piece of furniture to be coated. It must be clean, free of grease and even. Therefore, repair any cracks and holes after cleaning. Then roughen the surface with sandpaper. For large surfaces, such as cabinets, you can also use a sander. Then tape all surfaces that are not to be painted. Also, protect the immediate surroundings with a suitable covering.

Then apply a suitable primer. On wood, you can apply EPODEX ACRYLIC PROTECT mixed with 5% water in a thin layer and let it cure. For metal furniture, use a rust protection primer and for plastic furniture, use a plastic primer as an adhesion primer. This step is important because it prevents material loss through seepage and guarantees an even result.

After the primer has dried, mix your EPODEX ACRYLIC PROTECT product. Then apply the lacquer with a brush or foam roller in a first, thin coat. Allow the layer to dry and repeat the process if necessary. When the desired opacity has been achieved, allow the varnish to cure properly. Afterwards, you can load the surfaces as usual.

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