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EPODEX synthetic resin is suitable for a variety of applications from the sealing of floors and tables, to the production of jewellery and moulded parts, as well as the insulation of electrical parts. Use our synthetic resin to make individual coatings. Besides our clear epoxy resin, we also offer coloured resin. Discover our wide range of epoxy colours now!

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Synthetic resin, which is also referred to as condensation resin or reaction resin, is a collective term for all synthetically produced casting resins. In contrast to natural resin, which is secreted by plants, synthetic resin is chemically produced or made of natural resin.

Synthetic resins include epoxy resin, polyurethane resin, silicone resin, vinyl ester resin, phenolic resin and acrylic resin. They can be used in a variety of ways and offer endless possibilities.

Resin systems

Shop all our epoxy resin systems here. The complete ECO series (ECO, ECO+ and ECO MAX), the PRO series (PRO, PRO + and PRO MAX) and much more.


Synthetic Resin Inspired by Nature

Synthetic resin is a product inspired by nature. Trees secrete resin when their bark is damaged. In doing so, they produce their own non-water-soluble adhesive that seals the injured part so that it can heal. Tree resin has been used for centuries to manufacture a wide range of products such as, oils and varnishes. Nowadays, casting resin is becoming extremely popular due to its universal properties.

Buy EPODEX´s synthetic resin and you will benefit from its premium quality and high durability. The material is easy-to-process, temperature resistant, cures firmly and is very resilient. When casting the possibilities are endless.

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Discover New Design Options with Synthetic Resin

Synthetic resin is an easy and quick way to design objects, floors and furniture and make them resilient. Our epoxy resin is mainly used in the industrial and commercial sectors, for example to seal floors. Sealing floors with our resin makes them extremely durable and resistant, so that heavy machinery can drive on it, for example. Once cured, epoxy resin can withstand heavy loads and very high temperatures and is practically indestructible.

Working with synthetic resin has become a real trend. It is becoming increasingly popular in private households, too. It is suitable for your garage floor, tables and worktops. You will be surprised how easily you can handle synthetic resin. Once you have tried it, you will not want to miss our synthetic resin anymore!

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EPODEX specializes in the production and distribution of different coating materials. We only sell high-quality products, most of which are produced in our own state-of-the-art-facilities and are then shipped directly to you. Thus, we can then offer top-quality goods at reasonable prices.
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