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EPODEX epoxy resin is a compound consisting of resin A-component and hardener B-component. If you mix them in the right proportion, the substances will react with each other. The liquid resin will cure. Resulting in a chemical-, water- and scratch-resistant surface with which you can seal floors, make jewellery or coat tables, for example. EPODEX offers four different epoxy resin kits so that you can find the perfect one for every application.

Whether it is for priming, coating or casting, EPODEX always has the right resin kit for your project!

EPODEX’s Epoxy Resin Kits

EPODEX offers you various epoxy resin kits, which guarantee a perfect result for every project. Our innovative epoxy resins are crystal clear and UV-resistant. In contrast to almost all competing products, we avoid using substances that are hazardous to health. Our resins are solvent-free and VOC-free. When cured, they are food-safe, BPA-free and phthalate-free. Our resin kits all have their own properties. They differ in their viscosity, curing time and intended use. Our product’s versatility is the key to our success.

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Resin systems

Shop all our epoxy resin systems here. The complete ECO series (ECO, ECO+ and ECO MAX), the PRO series (PRO, PRO + and PRO MAX) and much more.

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Resin Kits to Coat, Laminate and Repair

EPODEX CONCRETE PAINT 2K is a 2-part, water-based epoxy resin kit used as a primer for floors, tables or walls. The watery resin is applied in thin layers in one or two steps. It is insensitive to relative humidity and thus a perfect choice for basements or garages. It seals the surfaces and makes them waterpoof.

EPODEX ECO is best suited for coatings and laminations. This inexpensive and fast curing resin is also well-suited for coating large areas. The ECO System needs to be casted in layers of maximum 1cm depth. Thus, ECO is ideal as an epoxy mortar to repair and glue various items.

Furthermore, we offer EPODEX PRO, which is a hybrid system that is suitable for coatings and castings up to 2cm. This epoxy resin kit is ideal for small jewellery or coatings in outdoor areas. It cures crystal clear and has a slightly longer curing time than our ECO System, which is an advantage for many projects.

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Casting Resin

The term casting resin applies to our premium product, EPODEX PRO+. With this epoxy resin kit, you can pour up to 5cm thick at once, which shortens your working time considerably and leads you faster to the desired result. Among others, you can make unique river tables, castings, jewellery or ornaments with EPODEX PRO+.

Our casting resin is universally usable. The material is self-levelling and thus provides a completely smooth and even surface. The coated surface is glossy as well as scratch-, shock-, and impact-resistant. The surfaces can be drilled through without tearing. Furthermore, they are easy to clean and very durable.

Colouring Resin

Resin can be dyed in any given colour we offer. EPODEX does not only keep colour pastes and transparent colours on sale but also phosphorescent and neon pigments, as well as metallic colour pigments and flakes. You can mix all colours from our range with one another, resulting in unique colour combinations.

Epoxy resin can also be used to do unusual patterns, such as marble effects. Visit our Instagram or Pinterest page for more inspiration. We regularly publish customer pictures. You will be amazed by our customer’s creativity!

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