Epoxy Mortar

Epoxy Mortar for Repair Jobs and More

Epoxy mortar is a mixture of epoxy resin and quartz sand. Due to its extreme hardness and long-life durability it is often used for repair jobs in renovations, building trade and industry. You can use epoxy mortar to repair gaps, holes and cracks in concrete and screed and for various other assembly works, as well. The good thing is that you can easily produce epoxy mortar yourself. All you need is EPODEX ECO and quartz sand and mix them in the correct ratio.

ECO System (Resin+Hardener)
from £14.99

  • Resin to coat, laminate and repair
  • Layer thickness: 0,1-1cm
  • Clear, frost stable and BPA-free
  • Use: Coating (floor, table etc.), making of terrarium/aquarium, stone carpet, jewellery making and much more

Epoxy Mortar vs Cement Mortar

Cement mortar is probably the best known and most frequently used type of mortar. Epoxy mortar has numerous advantages over cement mortar, though. Epoxy mortar can be used to coat mechanically stressed areas (e.g. surfaces that are subject to traffic) or uneven surfaces in the millimetre range. Cement mortar, on the other hand, would flake off or crumble in a very short time when exposed to mechanical stress.

Properly applied and cured epoxy repair mortar is characterised by high chemical resistance to de-icing salt solutions, oils, greases, fuels and to a large number of mineral and diluted acids. In terms of processing there is generally no difference between the two types of mortar.

resine epoxy mortar

Mixing Epoxy Repair Mortar

You can easily mix epoxy repair mortar yourself. All you need is our solvent-free ECO epoxy resin, which you then mix with eight to ten parts of an absolutely dry quartz sand mixture. You can obtain this at a reasonable price from your local hardware store. The sand mixture ideally consists of 50 percent grit (0.4 to 0.8 millimetres) and the other half of sand aggregate (0.2 to 2 millimetres). Due to the weight of the quartz sand, it is only worth ordering online for small quantities, otherwise the shipping costs are too high.

You will achieve the best result when working with two vats. First, mix half of the epoxy resin to be used according to the instructions. Mix resin and hardener in a large vat and stir them for a few minutes. Then add half of the quartz sand and mix it with a drilling machine or mixer. In the second vat, you stir the rest of the epoxy resin and gradually add it to the mixture with the remaining quartz sand. Make sure to clean your tools thoroughly and quickly afterwards with a thinner.

Applying Epoxy Repair Mortar

Whatever handicraft works you do, it is always advisable to observe the necessary safety measures. When working with epoxy mortar, you should wear gloves and a dust mask.

Before you start applying the epoxy repair mortar, pay attention to the pot life and apply it immediately after mixing. You have about 25 minutes to do this. Afterwards, the mortar slowly cures and the application becomes harder and harder. You best apply the mortar with oscillating and brushing movements, using a trowel.

You can apply layer thicknesses of maximally 1cm per coating. In case you want to apply a second coat you must wait 6 hours. After 20 hours the epoxy mortar is firm and walkable, but it takes 7 days until it is fully cured.

epoxy resin mortar -epodex

Buy Epoxy Mortar

At EPODEX you can buy the best casting resin to mix epoxy mortar. EPODEX ECO is easy-to-use and comparably inexpensive and guarantees ideal results. Do not make any concessions in quality and service and choose EPODEX! For questions you can reach our support team by phone, e-mail and WhatsApp.