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Epoxy Resin Quantity Calculation

You wonder, “How much epoxy resin do I need?” Our epoxy resin calculator provides you with the answer! Whether you want to coat large surfaces such as an industrial floor or garage floor or make an epoxy resin table – our epoxy resin calculator will quickly show you the required quantity. Just enter the dimensions (length and width) and layer thickness (height) of the surface to be treated and you will instantly get the result. Please note that you should seal absorbent surfaces with a primer to avoid material loss.

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Use the Epoxy Resin Calculator to Find the Best Resin Kit

EPODEX offers resin kits for a wide range of applications. Thanks to our epoxy resin calculator you can order the ideal kit for your project in the required epoxy resin quantity.

Epoxy Resin in a Wide Range of Colours

EPODEX’s epoxy resin kits ECO, PRO and PRO+ are available in a wide range of colours. Our drop-ins and pigments can be mixed as desired. This results in a unique variety of colours that leaves nothing to be desired. Discover our wide colour range:

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