Polyurethane resin

Polyurethane resin – Surface sealing

Seamless, resilient and extremely wear-resistant — these properties describe a surface sealed with polyurethane resin. Polyurethane resin is  easy to use, durable and low maintenance. We offer various laminating and casting resins which can be used to coat and seal floors. It is possible and recommended to a polyurethane resin as a varnish or top coat onto our resins. You can combine the best properties of different synthetic resins and obtain a perfect result at an affordable price.

Advantages and properties of polyurethane resin

Polyurethane resin, often called PU resin, is an excellent choice for sealing floors and surfaces. It can be applied to almost any surface and is one of the highest quality synthetic resins. This resin has many advantages: it is seamless, scratch-resistant, easy to apply and can be refurbished if necessary. It provides good sounds insulation and is therefore often used as flooring in offices, schools or hospitals.

As the polyurethane resin is resistant to light and UV, it can easily be used outdoors. There is no need to worry about yellowing or discolouration.

Apply the polyurethane resin yourself

First, mesure the area to cover and decide how thick you want to apply the polyurethane.

Use the formula area (m²) x thickness (mm) x density (0,9) = quantity (kg) (example: 10m² x 2mm x 0,9 = 18kg) to calculate exactly required amount of polyurethane resin. PU resin and epoxy resin are applied the same way, the differences between the two reside solely in their field of application and properties.

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Application and maintenance of polyurethane resin

Start by thoroughly cleaning your surface. Remove stains, dirt and dust. Fill in the holes and inequalities. Create a clean, smooth surface that guarantees a perfect result. Then glue the parts and edges that should not be coated. Start with a thin coat of 0.2mm-0.5mm primer. Mix the polyurethane resin in a ratio of 2: 1 with the hardener for about 1-3 minutes.

Mix only the amount needed for the primer. Apply with a paint roller or squeegee and cross coat to close all pores. Allow the primer to cure for at least 20 hours. This layer seals the surface and prevents too much polyurethane resin from entering the substrate. It will make you save material and money.

After curing time, you can apply the main coat with the remaining resin. If you want to apply a colored polyurethane resin surface or apply a layer of effect glitter, apply a third coat of clear polyurethane resin for waterproofing. Also note the standard curing time. At an ambient temperature of 20°C, our polyurethane resin is completely cured after about 24 hours.

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