Epoxy Resin for Wood

Use Epoxy Resin for Wood and other Materials

Now work with epoxy resin for wood. Insulate, coat or pour wood, tables, floors, jewellery and much more with our epoxy resin. Our resin is suitable for every material and every purpose. In addition to clear resin and hardener you get the desired dyes in the scope of delivery. These mix in the clear resin. Choose your product in one of our four colour categories now:

Process Epoxy Resin for Wood

Using epoxy resin for wood to coat wood and other materials is child’s play. You do not need any previous knowledge. Mix the resin with the hardener in a ratio of 2 to 1. For example, 1kg of resin with 500g of hardener. Then pour or paint the material in even movements on the desired surface.

The synthetic resin fits perfectly on any surface and allows an exclusive coating without bubbles. In doing so, you can quickly realize a flat casting pattern with breathtaking shapes and colors. Because coloring with our epoxy resin for wood is very easy. Our epoxy resin for wood is not only available in colorless, but also with numerous dyes. These simply mix in the clear resin component. All our colors are intermixable. Therefore, there are infinite color variations to allow you to achieve anything you want. The epoxy resin for wood is hard within 20 hours after application and fully loadable after 7 days.

With our synthetic epoxy resin for wood you get an absolute premium product in professional quality. Our epoxy resin for wood is odourless. The unique formula allows easy processing and versatile use. Therefore, our epoxy resin for wood is not only suitable for the industry, but also for the hobby application. Thanks to high-quality raw materials and automated production, we guarantee consistently high quality and reasonable prices.

Would you like to know how to coat wood and much more with epoxy resin? Contact us! We’re here to help.

Wood and Resin Table

Many people want to create their own river table, in other word, a wood and resin table. Our epoxy resin for wood is adapted for this application. You can easily create your own personalized wood and resin table in the color and with the design you want. In addition to looking spectacular, a wood and resin table has the particularity of being totally insensitive to liquid leaks, scratches and stains.

Unlike an untreated wood table, a river table is not absorbent and does not require regular maintenance. To make an epoxy resin table, first check the size of your table surface and decide what layer thickness you want. Depending on the quantity required, we will provide the perfect set to produce easily your river table.

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Seal Wood with Epoxy Resin for Wood

You do not need any tools to cast or coat wood with our epoxy resin. We offer you an uncomplicated way to seal wood and other materials at the same time with our epoxy resin for wood. Due to the low viscosity of our resin, the material penetrates into the wood and preserves it from the inside out. The added hardener not only ensures that the resin hardens, but also increases the material strength. Especially with wooden objects that are often touched, such as tables and jewelry, the resin prevents material shrinkage and scratches due to abrasion. The epoxy layer also acts as UV protection. UV radiation damages untreated wood. The rays lead to the degradation of the lignin component contained in the wood. The result is an optical graying and permanent destruction of the wood. To protect wood with epoxy resin for wood, the application of a thin layer is sufficient. This gives it a glazed look. The additional use of color pigments increases protection. Because the pigments do not let the UV rays through.

In our sets of resin and hardener, you get everything to seal wood with our epoxy resin for wood. When using clear epoxy, however, UV rays can more easily penetrate to the wood. Therefore, the additional application of a UV absorber in the form of a topcoat of polyurethane resin is recommended. This is painted as a final layer on the harden resin. This makes it even more efficient to protect with epoxy resin for wood. In addition to UV resistance, the topcoat increases the resistance to scratches. For this reason, polyurethane resin is used in the epoxy resin floor coating.

We Help You with Your Epoxy Resin for Wood Project!

You want to use epoxy resin for wood to stylishly finish wood and protect it from deterioration at the same time? You do not need specialist knowledge or special tools to work with our epoxy resin for wood. All important tools can be found in our shop. Should you have any questions about the product or its application, please do not hesitate to contact our professional service team by phone, e-mail or WhatsApp.

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