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On EPODEX, you will find varnishes suitable for all materials and applications. All our lacquers meet the highest quality standards. Please choose one of our versatile varnishes and easily paint furniture, fences, tiles, and more indoors and outdoors. All our lacquers are low-odour and easy to apply.

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Website very informative, product selection is also very interesting, the order was also delivered in a few days.


Everything great! Especially the telephone contact. I would find it helpful if more videos were included. Explanations of what you have to consider.


There was a small problem with my last delivery, which was fixed immediately after a short call without any problems.


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With ACRYLIC PROTECT lacquer from EPODEX, you are choosing a solid, durable, and odourless product. It is suitable for sealing and painting materials such as wood, metal, plastic, and stone. Due to its high strength, we recommend its use on dimensionally stable, i.e., non-working surfaces and workpieces indoors and outdoors. Our customers like to use it on furniture. It is also perfect for coating windows, doors, and other areas where “paint on paint contact” occurs.


With ACRYLIC PROTECT+ you choose our silk-matt, water-dilutable, and permanently elastic product. It is suitable for sealing and colouring various working surfaces. It is highly elastic and weather resistant. We recommend its use especially on surfaces and workpieces that are not dimensionally stable. This weather protection varnish is particularly often used on wooden surfaces outdoors, such as wooden facades, wooden privacy fences and carports.


EPODEX TILE PAINT 1K is a silk-matt, abrasion-resistant and UV-resistant acrylic-based varnish. It is ideally suited for upgrading or colourfully redesigning wall and ceiling tiles. This varnish is also hard-wearing, abrasion-resistant, and easy to apply. As an option, we offer a matching grout pen to match the colour of your tile grout lines.


The 2-component epoxy resin-based tile lacquer EPODEX TILE PAINT 2K is particularly hard-wearing and abrasion-resistant. It is therefore ideally suited for floor and wall tiles that are subject to heavy loads or constant water contact. You receive a resin and a hardener component separately, which are then mixed together before application.

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