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Are you looking for high quality casting resin? Then you are exactly at the right place. Our casting resin is suitable for a wide range of applications thanks to our unique formule. From the sealing of tables and other objects, to the manufacture of complex moldings, to the coating of floors – our casting resin allows you a versatile application. Discover now our four color categories and find your desired product:

Casting Resin: Top properties at best prices

We are offering you a high quality clear casting resin for processing. Our casting resin impresses with high quality raw materials and controlled production. In addition, our state-of-the-art production facilities guarantee consistent quality at the best possible market prices.

The synthetic casting resin is suitable for hobby use as well as for industrial purposes. Our odorless and fast hardening resin can be processed easily and without odor. At ambient temperatures of 20 ° C our resin is harden after approx. 24 hours. Realize clear castings, fast impressions and a smooth casting pattern. Each layer can be up to 15 cm thick. Easily encapsulate sensitive components and protect them against ingress of moisture, dust and water.

Our casting resin is also ideal for electrical insulation. By applying to electrical parts and cables you increase the dielectric strength and at the same time ensure optimum contact protection. Practical resin hardener sets give you everything you need for processing. Simply mix the resin with the appropriate amount of hardener and apply our casting resin. In addition, you can purchase our synthetic resin in almost any weight from 0.75 kg.

Exceptional items thanks to epoxy casting resin

You want to refine items such as tables, benches or cabinets with casting resin? Our epoxy resin is ideal for any piece of furniture, regardless of the material. In addition to the artistic effect, the coating with casting resin makes weather-sensitive materials such as wood insensitive to moisture and decay. Because the resin does not just settle on the upper layer of wood. Due to the viscosity of the epoxy casting resin, the resin penetrates deeply into the wood, preserving it from the inside out.

Whether solid wood planks or other tabletops, give your furniture an impressive look with our casting resin. The more cracked and older the wood, the more impressive the later optical effects become. The additional use of special pigments and light emitters make your furniture look even more unique.

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Coat tabletops with casting resin

To coat your table with casting resin, first protect with our release spray and release tape any surfaces that are not to be coated. Then, pour a thin layer of resin on the surface to be coated. After approx. 24 hours hardening time, you can apply additional layers. Pour the casting resin in the desired layer thickness (maximum 1 cm per casting process). Let the casting resin dry.

Then sand and polish the dried resin layer until you reach the desired gloss level. Optionally, you can paint the glossy coating with polyurethane resin. The paint ensures that the surface is not only more polishable and scratch-resistant but also more resistant to chemical cleaners and alcohols. With the application of the clearcoat can also achieve a matt effect, which is not achievable with epoxy resin alone.

Endless design with casting resin

The synthetic casting resin from EPODEX offers you great scope for design options. Your ideas as to the size, shape and type of objects know no limits. You will find your color wishes with us! From classic RAL colors to pearl and metallic paints to neon and light colors, our color palette is one of the biggest in Europe and of course, all colors can be combined.