Epoxy resin floor

Do an epoxy resin floor by yourself

Order now a high quality epoxy resin floor from EPODEX. Our universal epoxy resin can be used on all bearing floors. From garage floors to kitchen and living floors to industrial flooring. By applying resin to material such as concrete, wood, plastic and GFK, you create a stable, shock-resistant floor covering. Choose your favorite color in one of our four color categories:

Epoxy resin floor – long service life and ideal protection

Have you ever wondered why industrial floors have a longer life than conventional floors? The answer is that an industrial floor has been treated with epoxy resin. By coating with epoxy resin, you get an absolutely smooth, seamless and particularly resistant floor covering. Thanks to the smooth resin covering, the surface is easy to maintain and clean.

In addition, the epoxy resin floor is insensitive to temperature variations and has high resistance to high abrasive forces. The abrasion resistance and the chemical resistance of the epoxy resin floor guarantee a durable and therefore economical support. If you decide to use a service provider for your resin flooring, the price can vary between 25 € and 250 € per square meter, depending on the thickness of the layer. Take advantage of our price / quality ratio and easily apply your epoxy resin floor yourself. For a total area of 30m², we already offer an epoxy resin for 9.66 € per square meter.

Individual epoxy resin floor

An epoxy resin floor must not only provide ideal insulation and protect against deterioration of materials and moisture, but it must also visually complement the room. By using metallic colors and colored glitter, you can create real design floors. Pour marble floor patterns in no time or create unique color effects. Compared to the price of a real marble floor, an epoxy resin floor is economic. We have several epoxy paints for your epoxy flooring. All colors can be combined together. This results in countless designs possibilities.

An epoxy resin floor in just a few steps

In order to close all floor pores and reduce material loss, we recommend first applying a primer with small amounts of epoxy resin. Mix the resin and hardener in a ratio of 2 to 1. For example. 1kg resin with 500gr hardener. Spread the mixed epoxy resin with a paint roller or squeegee. Allow the primer to harden for at least 20 hours and continue with the main coat. After 24 hours, your epoxy floor is hard and accessible on foot.

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